Cursos cortos de interpretación en Monterey (MIIS)

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El MIIS (Monterey Institute of International Studies) organiza varios cursos de corta duración sobre distintos aspectos de la interpretación y para distintas combinaciones de idiomas con un profesorado de lujo:

>Interpretación simultánea al portugués

Fecha: 3-7 junio 2013 (35 horas)
Profesor: Ulisses Wehby de Carvalho

This week-long program (35 hours) focuses on the practical side of simultaneous interpretation. Students will have the chance to practice interpreting material that mimics conditions found in the real world. Some of the activities include written and impromptu speeches, presentations, interviews, and informal conversations dealing with a wide range of subject matters, such as technology, politics, economics, management, among others. The instructor will provide extensive feedback after each 30-minute session. During several 30 to 45-minute long sessions inside the translation booth, students will be exposed to a wide range of types of interpretation, accents, speeds, settings, and topics. Exercises will include translation of audio and video material from English into Brazilian Portuguese. In between booth exercises, students will receive feedback and share their impressions with classmates. To give participants some relief from the intense work in the booth, the following issues will also be discussed: Different types (Simultaneous, Consecutive, Whispering, etc.) and common pitfalls; From contact to contract (how to put together an estimate); How to prepare for a conference; The equipment (booth, console, tour guide systems, microphones, etc.); Unusual settings (TV shows, press conferences, factories, farms, boat rides, hostage taking situations, etc.); The chief interpreter; Booth etiquette; Gender bias; Relay (how to work in multilingual conferences); Work ethics; Miscellaneous pitfalls (numbers, names, acronyms, false friends, jokes, play on words, foul language, etc.); Language interference; Challenges to newcomers.
Información: Portuguese simultaneous interpreting

>Técnicas avanzadas para intérpretes de tribunales

Fechas: 28 de mayo – 1 de junio 2013 (30 horas)
Profesoras: Holly Mikkelson y Esther Navarro-Hall

This five-day, 30-hour course will provide advanced, experienced court interpreters an opportunity to further improve their interpreting techniques. The course is Spanish-language specific. Designed to enhance both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting and sight translation skills, exercises will also address issues of text anxiety and certification exam preparation. The instructors, both federally certified interpreters with many years of teaching experience, will provide extensive individual feedback in our state-of- the-art facilities.
Información: Advanced Techniques for Court Interpreters

>Interpretación médica avanzada

Fechas: 20-24 de mayo
Profesoras: Johanna Parker y Amanda Pease

Medical interpreting is the fastest growing specialty within the interpreting profession. Proper training and a clear understanding of the profession are paramount for quality patient care and the interpreter’s well-being. There is increasing awareness of the need for certified and trained interpreters. In fact, both national certifications require candidates to have formal training in healthcare interpreting. This program offers an advanced level of training and has a strong focus on improving interpreting skills in simultaneous, consecutive, and sight translation modes. At least 20 hours spent on honing interpreting skills, as applied in the healthcare setting and the content is tailored to participants’ needs through a variety of teaching methods in an interactive environment. It Qualifies as a prerequisite for both the NBCMI and CCHI national medical interpreter certifications and is taught by highly trained, certified and experienced professional interpreters from the Monterey Institute. At course end, participants will: Know more about the healthcare interpreting profession and its professional practice within the US healthcare system, Have explored language, communication, and culture and their impact on interpretation encounters in healthcare settings, Know and implement interpreting protocols and proper healthcare interpreter’s roles, and will Be able to effectively apply the different modes of interpreting and when and how to use them in the healthcare setting.
Información: Advanced Medical Interpreting

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  1. I am interested in the advanced medical interpretation course given by Johanna Parker y Amanda Pease, could you please send me information about price and lodging, I reside in Mexico City.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi! Please send full information about the Advanced Medical Interpretation Course. Is there an early bird registration fee? Special fee for foreigners? Thanks.

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